♥ “I’m a bit of a school unicorn in the sense that my kids have all attended different preschools. From a private faith based one, to homeschool, to a farm Montessori one, each one has been a wonderful blessing-exactly what that child needed at that time. When I began thinking of preschool for Noelle I knew the previous models wouldn’t work for her but kept coming up blank for what would be best. And then last winter I recalled this cute red schoolhouse farm that I had passed by a few years ago on Island Lake Road and then just a short time later, ran into a friend at Costco and asked where her son (Noëlle’s age) was doing and she mentioned he was at Warm Fuzzies and raved about it. I set up a tour shortly after (and Rock joined) and we were there for hours. It had rained but the kids were out picking eggs, playing tag with goats alongside them and sitting in a canoe on a large puddle that had formed with strings attached to branches as they were “fishing on Lake Michigan”. Oh my heart. 😍 I knew instantly that my sensory loving, creative animal lover needed to be here. And the addition of a sheep and a St Bernard this fall was icing on the farmschool cake. Chelsea and Dave are doing a magical thing over here at Warm Fuzzies-preserving an unplugged childhood in all it’s messy glorious wonder!!! 💫 And Noelle has just blossomed this year, with friendships, art projects and nature terminology. The other day I was there and without blinking an eye she and her little friend ran into the chicken coop and each brought out an egg, still warm to the touch. I stood there thinking how blessed we’ve been to have discovered Warm Fuzzies and made so many amazing friendships that I know will continue beyond this year. Thank you Chelsea and Dave for all that you do…and congratulations to all the little Warm Fuzzies ‘graduates’ out there!” -Natalie Thompson (Noelle age 5)

♥ “Henry is enjoying his last day of preschool @ Warm Fuzzies. We are so grateful and blessed he’s been able to spend the last two years there. Beyond letters and numbers, he was able to learn hands-on about taking care of farm animals and monthly curriculums such as gardening, bugs, and outer space fulfilled his curious spirit. Thank you so much Dave and Chelsea for your patience, compassion and dedication to making learning fun! Thank you for letting him get wet and muddy! I could go on forever, but one last special thank you for letting him play w glitter there so I don’t have to at home! 😬 He has grown so much these past two years and we owe so much of that to you both. We look forward to lots of fun friendship time in the future!”                 -Belinda and Ryan Dinius (Henry age 5)

♥ “It’s the night before the last day of school and Bryn’s last day of preschool. Although we have 5 more years of fun with Warm Fuzzies, I’m feeling incredibly nostalgic tonight. We stumbled upon this school out of pure luck and convenience. It was their inaugural year in Michigan, we weren’t crazy about going to a brand new school but loved the proximity to our house. After researching it more, we loved their approach to the education system – play-based experiences were the driving force with outdoor play right up there! But we were still apprehensive. Were we making the right choice? Two years later, I can say 100% we have given and will continue to give our kids an excellent preschool experience.

Playing in mud puddles, nature hikes in the rain ️(prime time to find creepy crawlies), imaginative play, incubating and hatching chicks, then raising those chickens, then ducks, then sheep, then goats. Glitter, glue, paint and dozens of other mediums for works of toddler art. Playing in the snow️. Learning how to ride without training wheels, climbing and jumping and running. Songs about animals, songs about weather and songs about friends. Yoga, lacrosse, soccer and dance parties! They truly touched the inner core of childhood exploration! But it wasn’t all fun and games. The curriculum was solid. They taught Bryn (and now Leighton) counting, inventive writing, colors (I’m talking periwinkle, aqua-marine and magenta). Who’s an herbivore and who’s a carnivore and how can you tell? Who is warm blooded and who is cold and what does that mean? Which planets are hot and cold, which ones have rings? What happens to your food when you chew it? But most importantly, social-emotional skills. How to be a friend, how to own up to being wrong, telling the truth and including ALL. Chelsea and Dave, you go beyond what it means to be an educator. You have dedicated your lives to making our children brighter, and therefore our future brighter. You have grown my babies hearts, minds and souls. Thank you for dedicating your lives to education and making it AMAZING!!! I’m excited about the next 5 years with you but sad to see these two years with Bryn end.”    –Meredith Sorkin (Bryn 5, Leighton 3, James 1)

♥ “If you can imagine the difficulty of coming into a school district that is competitive and well established, the idea can be daunting. Dave and Chelsea Conger approach the care, nurturing and growth of our children in the same way they embraced the challenge of starting a one of a kind school here in Dexter. They are all in and unwavering.  The atmosphere, opportunity and comfort they give our children are unparalleled. Our two daughters who have attended the school for the past 2 years have grown by leaps and bounds. Our eldest is Kindergarten ready (nay, over prepared) and our youngest is found creatively playing, reading and socializing above her age’s expectation. What I personally love as a father, is having the ability to see my children thrive in and outdoors. I know they are building their engagement and appreciation with the outdoors which is my greatest concern in “digital forward” world. Our girls are now eager to jump into a new outdoor activity, run around outside and get dirty while learning to care for animals and appreciate nature.  As people, Dave and Chelsea represent all that you would want in educators and caregivers. They are attentive, communicative, balanced and deeply deeply invested in all things Warm Fuzzies and our children. I am impressed by how they treat everyone with kindness, patience and empathy.  At the end of the day, my wife and I are relieved that the Congers opened their school when they did as it has shaped our children drastically for the better. They have students until they graduate with our three and friends well beyond.”   – Jordan Sorkin  (Bryn 5, Leighton 3, James 1)

♥ “We have used Warm Fuzzies Preschool for the past 2 years and are enrolled for the Fall again. Warm Fuzzies feels like family in so many ways. The class is small so my son has been able to develop a relationship with all the other children. We fully trust Dave and Chelsea and have never had to worry about anything when we drop our son off. You can feel that they love every child and they do what is best for each child individually. When our son started at Warm Fuzzies he was a little bit delayed with speech. He wasn’t using sentences and words were hard to understand. Now he talks in full sentences and we owe this completely to Chelsea. We love the farm aspect and the mentality that nature is important to experience and respect. Our son has been able to help raise sheep and ducks, grow a garden, and hatch chickens, all while learning a fun, educational hands-on curriculum. We highly recommend Warm Fuzzies Preschool to anyone in search of a preschool.”   – Melissa and Matt Groth  (Alan, age 4)

♥ “I can’t say enough great things about Warm Fuzzies Preschool! My daughter is finishing up her second year here and she is so ready for kindergarten, both academically and socially, thanks in part to her time spent at Warm Fuzzies. She has had a wonderful experience here since day one and loves going to her little red school. Dave and Chelsea are caring educators and wonderful role models for kids. In addition to academics, they foster play, problem solving, creativity and a love for animals and the outdoors. I highly recommend Warm Fuzzies Preschool!”           – Anne and Marco Marques (Clara, age 5)

♥ “Warm Fuzzies Preschool has been one of the best decisions that we have made for our twins. Cole and Nora started at Warm Fuzzies right after their 3rd birthday. They LOVE it there and so do we!  Ms. Chelsea and Mr. Dave are an amazing duo that make learning fun and exciting for everyone.  They are both dedicated and gifted in what they do.  Both of our kids, with very different learning styles, have blossom under the care and supervision of these two amazing people!  Not only have they learned so much academically, they are independent, they love nature and are not afraid of getting dirty, and are ready for kindergarten!  Everyday the kids want to know when they are going back to school and when they will get to see their friends.  It makes my heart so happy that both of my kids love school and their teachers so much. It makes me sad that we are going to have to say goodbye at the end of this summer to move onto Young 5’s, but they are ready!  Thank you Chelsea and Dave all that you do!!!!”  – Stephanie and Kevin Busch (Nora and Cole, age 4)

♥ “After having stayed home with my daughter for the first 2 ½ years of her life, I knew (like any parent) that I needed to find the perfect school for her first educational experience outside the home. After a fair amount of research, I ended up seeing a friend’s post about an amazing pre-school called Warm Fuzzies. My daughter and I took the tour, and I knew that this was where she belonged. The warmth and kindness of Chelsea and Dave was immediately apparent, and my daughter has thrived and excelled in their care. With the Montessori-based approach, she has learned a wide variety of topics, and she comes home every day excitedly talking about the projects she’s been working on, the letters and topics she’s learning, all of her friends, and how much she just loves “Ms. Chels and Mr. Dave” (after whom she’s named about half of her stuffed animals). She also loves the healthy and varied food they serve (she’s even become less picky at home – bonus!), all of the exploratory outside play time, and of course the indoor dance parties on days with inclement weather. Her enthusiasm and love for school are a true testament to just how special Warm Fuzzies is, and knowing that she’s going somewhere safe, fun, and in the care of wonderful, trustworthy teachers makes it a little easier saying goodbye to her every day. I feel incredibly fortunate to have found Warm Fuzzies, and I can’t recommend this school highly enough!”    – Kate Grigsby and Nate Mender (Ella, age 3)

♥ “My son started at Warm Fuzzies Preschool just after his second birthday. Very quickly Warm Fuzzies became his second home. He even asks to go on the weekends, and we have to remind him we don’t go every day. The joy and peace I have leaving him at school is enough for me to sing its praises, but the fact that he comes home with so much new knowledge is amazing! He’s not quite yet three, and I’m already having to look up his curriculum units to make sure I can communicate with him about what he is learning. He has built confidence, relationship skills and independence at Warm Fuzzies. Any child would benefit from being in the care of Chelsea and Dave and their amazing family.”   – Cole and Ian Jacobs (Wade, age 2)

♥ “We enrolled our daughter, Alice, at Warm Fuzzies Preschool in Denver when she was two years old. We chose Warm Fuzzies after an extensive search and many tours of preschools, and we are so pleased with our decision every day. The little red schoolhouse is a warm, intimate, personalized setting – we’ve always felt very much at home there, as has Alice. In her time at Warm Fuzzies, we’ve watched Alice’s independent, energetic, and social personality be nurtured and appreciated. Her creativity and imagination have skyrocketed, and she is always eager to talk about her day at school, her friends, art projects, the “jobs” she did, outside play, and facts she’s learned. Chelsea and Dave embrace and live the Montessori philosophy of viewing children as capable of so much more than they’re often given credit for, and we are so proud of Alice and grateful to Chelsea and Dave for fostering this in our daughter, and in us, as parents.”   – Heidi and Steve Ardern (Alice, age 2)

♥ “Dave and Chelsea Conger are among the most caring and patient people I’ve ever met. They know how to connect with preschoolers, nurture their curiosity, and set boundaries so that these little people can take appropriate risks and thrive. Warm Fuzzies promotes kindness, independence, and love for learning. My son has not once complained about going to school and is eager to share everything he’s learned; communication from school to home helps us talk with him about the monthly themes. As two working educators ourselves, my husband and I couldn’t be happier with Warm Fuzzies as our son’s first school experience.”Stephanie and Shane Gronholz (Max, age 3.5)

♥ “Chelsea and Dave provide a warm, loving and educational environment that empowers my child to be responsible for herself and considerate of others. My child’s time at Warm Fuzzies offers her the social development needed at her age, with the comfort and care that she is accustomed to at home. I highly recommend Warm Fuzzies!”  – Courtney and Chad Murphy (Quinn age 3)

♥ “My two-year old daughter, Elsa, started at Warm Fuzzies Preschool in November of 2013, and we are absolutely thrilled that this gets to be her first experience with school! In just the two months she’s been there, we’ve seen an increase in Elsa’s independence, confidence, ability to problem-solve and desire to tell stories. Lead teacher Chelsea Conger understands how to work with children and has a gift with inspiring and guiding them to learn. Her husband Dave, also a teacher, helps out too, and is always excited to read and work with the kids. The two of them together bring a lot of teaching experience to the table, and it shows in the work they do with the kids. Elsa goes there two days a week, and every time I drop her off, I leave feeling 100% confident that she will have a wonderful day engaged in all kinds of learning opportunities (letter lessons, theme-centered arts and crafts, building, sharing meals with her classmates, reading, listening, potty-training, playing outside, etc.). When I arrive to pick her up, it’s almost impossible to leave, and she often says, “I had fun at my school, mama!” For me, this is the most important thing: I want my children to have fun because they are engaged in learning, and that is what happens at Warm Fuzzies Preschool. Also, I really appreciate the clear communication and daily updates we get about Elsa’s growth and development. We love Warm Fuzzies so much we’re sending Elsa, along with her 4-year-old brother, there for Summer Camp! I feel beyond lucky to have found this preschool, and I am ever grateful for Chelsea’s nurturing spirit and gift with teaching children.”                                  – Jenny Hekkers (Elsa age 2 and Avery age 4)

♥ “Our daughter Mattie has attended Warm Fuzzies Preschool for two years and started when she was 2 years old. We feel so fortunate to have had her learning and growing in the care of Chelsea and Dave. Together they have created the perfect environment for Mattie to grow, learn and gain confidence during this important time in her life. Chelsea is a dedicated teacher who loves what she does and it shows from the moment Mattie walks through the door and is greeted with a warm and happy smile. Chelsea is full of patience and we always see her getting down on the kids level to help with a project, read a book, and play. Dave is a gentle and attentive part of the team and creates a place where the kids can run and play in a safe, controlled environment. Mattie has benefited from their sincere efforts and we appreciate that they treat Mattie like a part of their family. There are many things that make Warm Fuzzies great: circle time, reading books, singing songs, fun art projects, plenty of outdoor play, making friends, learning to share, cleaning up, and eating healthy foods, are just a few. We could not be happier or more satisfied with Mattie’s first experience with school. Mattie is thriving and we feel her experiences with the other kids at Warm Fuzzies and the influence of Chelsea and Dave are big reasons for her success. We will never forget these two years.”   – Rose and Neil (Mattie, age 4)

♥ “Our daughter has been a student of Chelsea’s for 2 years. We cannot thank her enough for the light that we see daily in Norah’s eyes upon her return from school. Chelsea was able to recognize Norah’s curiosity and interest in learning from the young age of 3. A love of learning was innate in Norah, and Chelsea’s commitment to education and her passion for learning and children was a perfect match. Norah truly blossomed under Chelsea’s guidance and supervision. Simply stated, Chelsea is a gifted teacher. She is talented, engaging, thoughtful, and inspiring for all of the little minds that she comes in contact with. We will never forget Norah’s first school experience and we thank Chelsea for the positivity she supplied.”     – Jodi and Jason Krause (Norah, age 4 and three quarters)

♥ “The nurturing and fun environment Chelsea and Dave Conger have created at Warm Fuzzies has had such a great impact on our daughter, Emery. Each day, when I pick a happy girl up from school, and hear her chatter about her day and what she’s learning, I’m reminded how grateful I am for Warm Fuzzies. The Congers do an amazing job creating a learning environment that’s fun, where outdoor play is a priority, and both creativity and responsibility are nurtured. The love and respect that Dave and Chelsea show each other and the children in their care sets a wonderful tone in their classroom. If you have any interest in exploring the opportunity to send your child to Warm Fuzzes, I highly suggest you tour and meet the Conger Family!”      – Kelly and Travis Nelson (Emery, age 2)

♥ “I have been a mother for almost 19 years and in all the time my children have been in school, not one other teacher has made such an impact on one of my littles as Mrs. Chelsea Conger did. My son had her for kindergarten 3 years ago and has not forgotten to this day that she was his “most favoritest” teacher ever! She is kind & caring, passionate about her role as teacher, friend, mother, etc. I know what it is like to have a teacher hold a special place in your heart and because my son adores her, Chelsea will always have that place in our hearts. I would not hesitate to refer Chelsea as a child care provider or teacher. Any child that has the opportunity to spend time with her is in loving hands. We were sad to see her leave our small community but so thrilled that she is still working with children and sharing the experience we were blessed to have with her.”   – Sunny Geisner (Nathan, age 9)    

♥ “Our daughter was in Ms. Chelsea’s class for two years.  Ms. Chelsea is the quintessential preschool teacher.  She is energetic and loving, yet firm when she needs to be.  Our daughter loved having Ms. Chelsea as a teacher, and still talks about her.  Not only is Ms. Chelsea a wonderful teacher, she helped instill many important qualities in our daughter, such as self confidence, a sense of responsibility, and respect for others.  I wish we still had Ms. Chelsea as our teacher!”  – Scott and Molly Gilpin (Audrey, 7)

♥ “Any child who has Chelsea Conger as teacher is very fortunate. We could not have been more pleased with her as our daughter’s kindergarten teacher. Chelsea Conger not only skillfully teaches children what they need to succeed in school but she also lovingly nurtures a passion and excitement about being life long, self-motivated learners.”      – Phil and Rose Silberman (Flora, age 7)  

♥ “Warm Fuzzies Preschool is the perfect name for Chelsea Conger’s Preschool, because that is exactly what she is…warm and fuzzy. Chelsea is engaging, dynamic, compassionate, loving, and committed to her students and their academic growth. As a colleague of Chelsea’s, I can say that any child will be engaged, challenged, and loved daily under Chelsea’s steady hand. Her experience in the public school sector as well as her Montessori training allows her to meet your child at any developmental level and deliver exactly what they need at every moment. Lessons are delivered in an exciting and charming fashion, incorporating art, music, movement and fun! Rest assured that any student under Chelsea’s guidance will flourish.”     -Jennifer Anderson-Ehrlich (Montessori Teacher in DPS)  

♥ “Chelsea Conger is an incredibly gifted teacher. She creates a fun environment where every child feels valued and cared for. Chelsea truly loves kids~ She enjoys what they say and how they think. My son spent 2 years with Chelsea in a mixed age ECE/Kinder class. He was excited to talk about the songs Chelsea sang, the stories she told, and the activities she provided. He grew from a shy, low-risk-taking kid to one who proudly writes complex stories, engages comfortably with peers, and generally carries himself with confidence. My son would keep her as his teacher forever if he could! Chelsea has enough experience and expertise to give suggestions about any number of issues, academically or socially. But her faith in the natural development of each individual helped me to trust in this as well. Chelsea has a way of challenging children to their potential without creating frustration for them. That is true teacher genius to me! I have seen Chelsea interact with babies to grade school children and I could not imagine a better teacher or care giver for children of any age.”   – Dorrie Lieman (Jacob, age 5)  

♥ “My son ADORES Ms. Chelsea! She connects so well with him through her little jokes and silly songs.  He has also learned SO much! Ms. Chelsea makes learning fun. She excels at teaching themes, such as the rain forest or ocean. He has also learned so much in literacy and math. Ms. Chelsea knows how to make advanced concepts like report writing and numbers beyond 1000 age appropriate and interesting. Thank you, Ms. Chelsea!”   – Katie Shively  (Keenan, age 5)

♥ “Chelsea is a wonderful teacher. She is loving and caring. She truly believes in the success of her students, and goes out of her way to provide a supportive classroom. She has a warm, and cheerful disposition, but can be firm if need be. Think Mary Poppins! Our son adores her, and speaks often of how much he loves her. We have loved having Chelsea be a part of our child’s early learning foundation.”         – Aimee Baker ( Max, age 5)