Schedule and Tuition

♥  School Schedule
Warm Fuzzies Preschool follows the Dexter Community Schools Calendar. We also offer summer camps. If the Dexter Community Schools are closed for a holiday or vacation Warm Fuzzies Preschool will also be closed. Please see the calendar page for more details. Also please refer to the Parent Handbook regarding tuition when school is closed. 

♥ Tuition (Updated with prices for the 2018/2019 school year)
Families are free to choose the schedule that best suits the needs of their family and their child (with a minimum of 2 days per week). We offer full day preschool (7:30am-4:30pm). Please refer to the Parent Handbook for payment options, late fees, scheduling, and policies for days when Warm Fuzzies Preschool is closed or when your child is on vacation or sick.

  • Full Day with breakfast, lunch, and two snacks (7:30am-4:30pm)  $68/day
  • Sibling discounted rate (when enrolling more than one child and when both children are over 2yrs) $63/day


*If your child is still drinking formula or breast milk you are responsible for bringing it to school each day. It must be clearly labeled with your child’s first and last name and the date. We serve organic whole milk or water with meals.


  Daily Schedule
We offer full day preschool from 7:30am to 4:30pm. 

  • 7:30am Arrival and Greetings 
  • 7:30am Choice/Work Time 
  • 8:30am Family Style Breakfast
  • 9:15am Morning Circle Time
  • 9:45am Outdoor Play
  • 10:45am Choice/Work Time
  • 11:30am Family Style Lunch
  • 11:50am Clean Up, Prepare for Rest Time
  • 12:15pm Rest Time (until children are ready to wake up between 2pm and 3pm) (older children will have a shorter nap time and will have an advanced literacy lesson while the younger children continue to rest)
  • 2:30pm Afternoon Circle Time or Art Project
  • 3:00pm Choice Time (healthy snack around 3:30pm)
  • 3:30pm Outdoor Play (occasionally this is structured time geared toward a science exploration, art project, or other kind of outdoor activity)
  • 4:30pm Parent Pick-Up

Details of each section of the day

  •  Arrival Time: Children are given 30 minutes each morning to acclimate to school. They can spend this time showing their parents something inside the classroom, filling up their water bottles, reading a story alone, with a friend, or with their parent in the book corner, chatting with friends, and organizing their things so they are ready for the day. This is a perfect time to apply sunscreen to your child each morning and make sure your child has everything he/she needs for the day.
  • Family Styles Breakfast: We feel that it is important for children to eat in a family, social setting. Each morning children will help to set their place at the table, pour their own drink into their cups from the pitcher, serve their own food from the dishes and pass dishes to friends. We will have conversations while we eat and talk about our hopes and plans for the day ahead; it will mimic what you would have at home. When the meal is over we will work together to clean our dishes and our places at the table. Please refer to the food menu on the home page.
  • Morning Circle Time: Circle time is thoughtfully planned to engage the students in our thematic unit and to build our classroom community. Aside from being a time to build relationships and dig deeper into our unit, we also include literacy, math, calendar, weather, songs, story (either a book, finger play, or some kind of story teller experience), movement activities, and introductions to materials, projects, and activities for the day. Even though it may seem like 20-25 minutes is a long time for young bodies, we will be moving, talking, and engaged enough for the 25 minutes to be very age appropriate and fun!
  • Choice/Work Time: This is the time when children are free to choose activities around the classroom. Children may choose to work alone, with a friend or in a teacher led group activity. There are a lot of different activities to do every day. Some activities stay the same and children can depend on them being available every day, and others will be changed and will be new from day to day and week to week. The goal is to engage the children in meaningful ways and provide them opportunities to practice what has been taught, to practice pro-social behaviors, to build friendships with other children, to improve gross and fine motor skills, and to stimulate their minds and curiosity. In general, children are free to make their own decisions and will be “asked” by the teacher to join in activities, however, if a child is not expanding his/her experiences and does not independently choose to engage in academic tasks, the teacher may not give him/her the choice the entire Choice/Work Time and may need to guide the child toward specific activities in order to ensure adequate growth and development.
  • Outdoor Play: This is pretty straight forward! This is a time to yell, run, jump, hide, sing, laugh, dig, make mud pies, build castles, plant seeds, observe insects, hoola hoop, collect leaves, pretend to be dinosaurs, play tag, climb, stretch, dance and enjoy each other. Every day children will go outdoors unless the temperature is below 20 degrees or if the weather is so unpleasant that it is nearly impossible to do anything enjoyable. We value fresh air and being outside so if it is possible to go out, we will! Children each have a space in the classroom to keep personal items such as a sun hat, sun glasses, coat, boots, indoor shoes and outdoor shoes, winter snow gear, a change of clothes, and snuggly items for nap. Ideally they will be prepared for any kind of weather with the items in their personal cubbies.
  • Clean-Up and Lunch Prep: After playing outdoors children will have time to wash up, put away outdoor gear, use the bathroom, help to set the table and gather the items we will need for lunch.
  • Family Style Lunch: See Family Style Breakfast for more information. Also please refer to the menu on the home page.
  • Rest Time: Children are encouraged to bring a pillow, blanket, and snuggle friend for rest time. Please clearly label everything with your child’s name. Children ages 1.5-3 will snuggle on cots to sleep upstairs. Children under 1.5 years will rest in a crib or pack and play. The shades are drawn, the lights are dimmed, and soothing music is played. We wash the sheets and your child’s blankets and pillow cases at the end of every week. Children who no longer nap (4 and 5 year olds) will have a quiet rest time downstairs. Following the rest time the older students will have an advanced literacy lesson and work time while the youngsters continue to rest upstairs.
  • Afternoon Circle Time: The afternoon circle time will be linked to the morning circle time but will be slightly different and will build upon what was previously taught. It will include the following components: songs, story, literacy lesson, math lesson, calendar, gross motor activity, introduction to new works/projects/activities for the day.