Warm Fuzzies Preschool moved to Dexter, Michigan!! Our brand new little red schoolhouse opened its doors for the 2016/2017 school year on Tuesday September 6th, 2016. The school year is off to an amazing start and we are feeling extremely grateful for all the wonderful families who have their children enrolled. Soon we will begin enrollment for the 2017 Summer Camp and the 2017/2018 School Year. If you are interested in hearing more about our program please contact Chelsea at (970)456-3388. Please read through our parent testimonials on the TESTIMONIALS tab to see what our former and current families have to say about Warm Fuzzies Preschool. 

♥  Warm Fuzzies Preschool is a place where art projects go far beyond paper and crayons, where eager little fingers begin to learn to write and draw, and where quality materials and toys are used to teach children how to problem solve, create, and discover. Little voices can be heard singing, counting, chatting, reading, and giggling all day long. Warm Fuzzies Preschool is your child’s home away from home. Children learn to love each other, to love nature, and to love learning. Children here adore books, think outside the box, love being outdoors exploring the wonders and beauties of nature, want to make the world a better place, are constantly asking questions, and are exploring and learning about the world in a respectful and gentle way.

Warm Fuzzies Preschool, LLC. is a licensed in-home preschool and so much more. There are 4 main components that set us apart.

  1. Our High Quality Staff: Chelsea Conger and Dave Conger are licensed and experienced teachers who will be caring for and teaching your child every single day. Chelsea has 8+ years of experience teaching play-based preschool, traditional kindergarten, and a Montessori multi-age preschool/kindergarten program. Warm Fuzzies combines the best parts of all three worlds to create the most dynamic and engaging environment for young children. Dave Conger has over 5 years of experience teaching physical education and mathematics to middle school students, plus 3 years of preschool teaching experience. Together, Chelsea and Dave create an engaging, educational, creative, fun, inspiring, loving, and happy environment for young children! See the About Us page for more about our qualifications.
  2. Our Environment: The “little red schoolhouse” is a completely separate space that was custom built for the sole purpose of Warm Fuzzies Preschool and is filled with hand painted murals, beautiful natural light, child-size furniture, age appropriate, high quality toys and materials, every art supply imaginable, soft, cozy corners, books begging to be read, and an expansive outdoor space with plenty of shade and places to explore. It is a clean, organized, and beautiful space perfect for young bodies to move, learn, grow, and let their imaginations run wild. We have a gigantic playground for making mudpies, running, laughing, blowing bubbles, playing soccer, kickball and catch, climbing, building, singing, tending plants, and playing with friends. We feel strongly that children need to be outdoors and in nature every single day. There is a lot of research and information about the benefits of being outside, getting dirty, exploring, and connecting with the natural world. “Nature’s impacts extend far beyond physical fitness, encompassing intellectual and emotional health, self-identity, and basic values and morals. Health benefits of exposure to nature include enhanced healing, stress reduction, creativity, and self-esteem.” Scott D. Sampson
  3. Our Size: Our small class size of 12 students allows us the opportunity to build key relationships with every child and every family. The children bond with one another and grow close as they grow up together. We customize projects, lessons, activities, and materials to meet the needs of the individual abilities and personalities of our students. Warm Fuzzies has 12 students each day, (including Chelsea and Dave’s three sons, Frankie, Teddy, and Freddie).
  4. Our Philosphy: Warm Fuzzies Preschool is a place for learning but it is also a home away from home. We strive to meet the needs of each individual child and make every attempt to make all of the children feel ownership and pride in spending time at Warm Fuzzies. We understand that there is great value in offering young children plenty of time to play, imagine, read, build friendships, create, and explore. We also offer the structured learning environment that will build the foundation for success in later years. There are countless ways in which we include small details into our program that help children feel secure, independent, comfortable, and happy every day. We offer parents the flexibility to design the schedule that works best for their families (with a minimum of 2 days per week).